More Than Just "Your Contractor"

The owner of Barkemeyer Construction is Carl Barkemeyer.  He is a licensed attorney and real estate broker.  He owns and operates his own law firm and real estate brokerage.  As a result of his knowledge and deep understanding of the many aspects of acquiring property and building a home, he is able to help his customers in ways that a regular contractor cannot.

How can a Contractor/Attorney/Real Estate Broker benefit a customer?

  • Professionalism
  • Knowledge
  • Communication
Ask yourself these important questions:
  • Would I want my builder/contractor to understand the local market values of land and houses?
  • Would I want my builder/contractor to have access to market research regarding home prices and values to help me decide which renovations to do and not do?
  • Would I want my builder/contractor to understand and give me advice on trends in the market?
  • Would I want to be sure my general contractor is not a convicted felon?
  • Would I like more professional legal advice regarding the purchase of property than most agents can provide?
  • Would I rather hire one professional to help with buying a lot and building a home who understands all issues surrounding my endeavor or hire three different people?
  • Would I feel better hiring a contractor/attorney that is used to upholding the most stringent of ethical and professional requirements or an average contractor?
  • Is project understanding and communication with my contractor important to me?
  • Would I rather hire a contractor/attorney that is accustomed to figuring out difficult problems and offering multiple solutions or am ok with just an average contractor?

Consider an Example:

Jane and Jim Smith decide that they want to build a house on the Northshore.  They have been living there for years in the same house that no longer suits their needs.  We meet with the Smiths to determine thier preferred location and the type of house they'd like to build.  We will then search for available lots that meet thier criteria, offering advice and recommendations regarding how we can make it a fit.  Through Barkemeyer Realty, LLC, we can assist the Smiths through the process of negotiating a purchase agreement and going under contract.  Because Carl Barkemeyer is also a licensed attorney, he provides top-notch real estate advice that other real estate agents cannot.  We work hard at focusing on the details that make a real estate transaction beneficial to our customers.  After the Smiths close on the lot, we help the Smiths through the home-building process by giving advice on building plans, foundation types, fill requirements, drainage, boundary issues, code provisions, permits, style, materials, cost, among many more issues.  The Smiths are confident that their house will be built with well because they are in good hands.  The building-process proceeds to success with as little aggravation as possible because we return phone calls, are on site regularly, and have a hands-on approach. 

"Barkemeyer Construction exceeded our expectations
and we would highly recommend Carl Barkemeyer to our friends!"