Frequent Questions

Being a leading construction company means providing an atmosphere of trust and confidence between us and our clients. These often-asked questions will help you to find your way through to the best possible outcome and clearly see the whole process.  We hope they make clear many of the waters we are about to navigate but if you have more questions please contact us today and we will keep this page updated when we see a need to add more!

Licensed contractors are approved by the State Board of Contractors to do the type of work they are licensed for. Obtaining the license is a rigorous screening procedure. The Board wants to ensure the contractor is properly educated, financially stable, and can pass a criminal background check.

Depends. Once the customer owns the lot, we are ready to proceed with the building. There are many variables that make up the final cost to build. These range from the necessary dirt work/foundation to finishes such as counter-tops and flooring. Once you have your building plans, we can sit down and I can give you a better idea on costs.

The most difficult aspect of building a custom home is finding the right lot. Once you find it, we will need to survey the lot and get building plans together. We help with directing our customers in all these areas.

This varies. We can agree on terms that suit us both.

If you are planning on building a custom home, large-scale renovation, or addition, you will likely need a construction loan from a bank. Many customers will then refinance the original loan after the work is complete, in the event it is a remodel. Regarding new construction, the construction loan may include the cost of the lot as well.

We do full-house renovations for investors who find properties in St. Tammany Parish that they feel are good investments. We know how to work with investors to meet their goals.

This varies. Many variables exist that affect the duration of construction. New construction can take 6-8 months usually. The size and detail of a renovation determine the time frame.

I always recommend having plans drawn up by a draftsman/designer/engineer/architect, except for a renovation that is strictly cosmetic, i.e. flooring, tile, cabinets, counter-tops, bathroom, etc.

All throughout St. Tammany Parish.

Yes. We work in association with Barkemeyer Realty, LLC, a licensed real estate brokerage. They have access to all the listed properties in south Louisiana.

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