Why Choose Barkemeyer Construction?

  1. Communication: We understand the importance of excellent communication between the client and general contractor.  Not only is it ethical to repond to the client in a reasonable time, but it is imperative to getting the best results on the project.
  2. Locally owned: Unlike many construction companies that are just traveling to wherever there is work, we are locally-owned. We do not have the need to cover overhead in a far-away city. We are familiar with the local market and trends.
  3. Excellent customer service: The purpose of our business is to provide customer service along with a great product. Advice, knowledge, and guidance is provided along with the construction. Clients benefit from the wide range of construction experience and knowledge we possess.
  4. Flexible appointments available: Just give us a call and we'll meet over a warm latte in a casual atmosphere, or we can do a walk-through at your house.
  5. General contractor knowledge and experience: As a licensed residential building and commmercial contractor, I know how to use my experience and knowledge gained from working on homes to help my clients. Clients really get a leg-up on the other side when I am able to help them see more about the house that they otherwise would have been blind.

"Barkemeyer Construction exceeded our expectations
and we would highly recommend Carl Barkemeyer to our friends!"